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Strength Training and Stretching

Proper strength training and stretching is important to keeping your body injury-free as you strive for your fitness goals. Here are some articles that will help you stay on your feet!


Balancing Running and Strength TrainingBalancing Running and
Strength Training

Adding strength training to your routine a few days a week has a number of unintuitive benefits that can help boost weight loss.

Dynamic StretchingDynamic Flexibility and Mobility

Dynamic movements are the best way to prepare your body for dynamic workouts.

Basic Strength TrainingBasic Strength Training Exercises

You can do these basic moves just about anywhere to help strengthen your legs.

Stretching 101

Everything you need to know about stretching.

Fast Abs

Learn about the importance of core work for a runner's body.

Stretching Program

Ever wonder what the best way to stretch that certain muscle is? You'll find it in this stretching program.

15 Minute Abs

This 15 minute ab workout will help strengthen your entire core!