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The day of a big race or a goal you've planned is an exciting event! Here are some articles to help you prepare and have a successful day.

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Pace Yourself or Brace Yourself

The importance of pacing yourself during a run.

Decline Training

The benefits and techniques of training by running downhill.

Predicting Your Goal Race Pace

Use this equation to predict your goal race pace.

Speed Training

Learn how to incorporate speed into your workouts

Long Distance Race Checklist

Everything you'll need to be prepared for the big day!

The Marathon Aftermath

Alright, you finished! Go easy on yourself and minimize fatigue and soreness by following these tips.

The Marathon Taper

How to taper before tackling all 26.2 miles.

Gazelle Sports Training Programs

We have a number of training programs to help you train smarter and have more fun. Whether you are just starting to run, starting over, or are gearing up for a personal best marathon, we will support you with targeted schedules, positive guidance, informative clinics, and fun weekly group training!