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Getting Started

New to running? Need a refresher on choosing what to wear? Consider this page your starting line! There are tips, how-to's, and guides to help you keep moving.


Running Tips

General running tips that every runner should know.

Hot Weather Running Tips

Can you handle the heat? Find out what you need to know about running in the heat and humidity.

Cold Weather Running Tips

Find out how to run through our cold Michigan winters!

Food/Fuel Considerations for Training

Learn about to fuel up before, during, and after training sessions.

How to Dress for Cold Weather

Everything you need to know on how to stay comfortable when the temperature starts falling.

 Fluid Replacement

A basic guide for fluid replacement before, during, and after exercise.

Eating for the Long Run

Eating right is crucial to a successful long run. Here are some basic guidelines to follow to give your body what it needs when you have a long run planned.