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At Gazelle Sports we are committed to connecting our community members to a healthy life. One unique way we do this is by offering free presentations on health, footwear and fitness products to businesses and community groups.

These sessions are individually tailored to your group's needs and provide insight, information and inspiration regarding the pursuit of physical activity. At the conclusion of the session, we will examine the feet, footwear and gait of any interested attendees. Gazelle Sports also provides educational handouts and money-saving coupons.

As you may know, Michigan ranks at the bottom of all states in physical activity levels and near the top in preventable lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. These statistics have caused Michigan health care costs to escalate even more then other states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, "Physically active individuals have lower annual direct medical costs than inactive people. The potential savings, if all inactive Americans became physically active, would be about 76.6 billion dollars." Let us help you educate your associates on how to embrace a healthy lifestyle in a safe and effective way.

If you are interested in scheduling a FREE Gazelle Speaks presentation, or would like Gazelle Sports to participate in a company health or benefit fair, please contact us at