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Welcome to the Expertise section of our website! At Gazelle Sports we pride ourselves on knowledgeable employees and trainers who are always ready to help you; whether it's choosing the right shoe or helping you make it to the finish line of your first marathon. We would like to extend to you some of that knowledge and the resources we have here on this page. Choose a section below to find articles, how-to's, and a wealth of other useful information for helping you pursue your active lifestyle!

Getting Started

New to running? Or need some general tips? This section covers several basic topics like dressing for the weather.

The Nutrition section covers all you need to know about giving your body the right fuel to perform at its best.


The How-To section has information on using some of the great products we carry and guides on choosing the right gear.

Strength and Stretching

Get strong and limber by checking out some of the articles in the Strength & Stretching section.


The Training section will help you learn the tips and tricks for having your best race yet.




New to running or looking to learn more on a particular topic?
Check out our video section for lots of helpful information and tips.

Jacob tells us about basic nutrition essentials.

Michelle gives a few safety pointers.

Rob discusses the basic mechanics of different types of running shoes.

Running Barefoot, Emily tells us how!

Evan talks about the importance of wool or synthetic socks.

Have a slight sore muscle? Rob tells us a few simple remedies.

Emily shows us the differences in trail running shoes.

Caroline shows how to layer clothing during your running session.

Nicole tells us how apparel can be fashionable and used for workouts.

Nicole tells us the importance of getting fit correctly for bras.

Caroline tells us about wool vs synthetic vs cotton apparel.

Nikki shows us the uses of hydration equipment.

Nikki goes into detail about insoles.

Darin explains what running with a watch can do for you.


Bearded Soccer Guy talks about taking care of your boots.

Bearded Soccer Guy reviews some classic boots.

Bearded Soccer Guy reviews the adidas Predator LZ's.

Bearded Soccer Guy reviews the Nike Maestri III.

Bearded Soccer Guy talks about taking care of your boots.

Bearded Soccer Guy reviews some classic boots.

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