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Mizuno Women's Wave Nirvana 8

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Achieve a state of freedom from earthly worries with a great fit and ride thanks to the latest advancements in SmoothRide Engineering. Now lighter than ever.

Combination solid rubber/blown rubber forefoot outsole design for cushioning, durability, and optimal flexibility.

Weight: 9.9 oz

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Ron K. of Holland, MI says:

"I was at the Holland store Friday and picked up a pair of Zensah leg sleeves and a Nathan brand fuel belt. When at the store, I was helped by a TOTALLY helpful staff member of your store. She answered all my questions and was very helpful and pleasant. In the mail today, I received a store post card from her signed Sloan. To have a friendly knowledgeable staff person assist you with your triathlon needs AND take the time to jot a note to the customer is EXCEPTIONALLY great service."